December 6th, 2014/No Nation Gallery and Unspace Lab

A night of performance, film and installation as Casey Puccini conducts a performative funeral for his father and buries his ashes. 

Featuring work by: Casey Puccini, Joey Carr, Calum Walter, Cameron Worden, Brian Wiebe, Drew Hanks and Taylor Wood.

Documentation Coming Soon!

EVERYBODY SMILE, 2013, 25min, HD.

A short documentary on the Puccini family during their oldest brother's wedding weekend.

GERANIUM, 2011, 11min, HD

An excerpt from Casey's "Geranium" a short piece of personal fiction about a man and his plant.

MAYDAY, 2011, 15min, HD

A short travelogue through Upstate New York, guided by the Puccini family.

UNCLE BOB, 2010, 100sec, HD/35mm 

How Peter Puccini spent the early 1980's.

CONTROL, 2009, 6min, 16mm

SMOKER'S COUGH, 2008, 3min, DV

RAE, 2008, 17min, DV