I Don’t know when the Armageddon is

A romp through the woods with the Puccini fam.

This video positions the viewer in constant fluctuation between the serenity and over-stimulation that comes with contemplating pockets of natural beauty hidden in the suburbs while spending time with one’s family.

2019 // 6.5 min // HD

1.5 min excerpt above

Official Selection: Onion City Experimental Film + Video Festival 2019, Denver Underground Film Festival 2019, Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2019

Everybody Smile

A portrait of a family channeled through a misguided wedding video.

Made by: The Puccini Family

2018 // 19 min // HD

3.5 min excerpt above

i don't care

2018 // 103 min // HD

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I didn't Start the Fire

A birthday reflection on the three decades of my life while Billy Joel sings about the three decades before that.

2016 // 5 min // Photobooth Video

Children Without Parents

2013 // 79 min // HD

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2011 // 10 min // HD


A travelogue through Upstate New York, guided by the Puccini family.

2011 // 18 min // HD

Uncle Bob

How Peter and the kids spent the early 1980's

2010 // 100 sec // HD

Smoker's cough

2008 // 3 min // DV


2008 // 17 min // DV


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Performance/other work

Children Without Parents: The Funeral [2014]