EVERybody Smile [2018]

A portrait of a family channeled through a misguided wedding video.

Made by: The Puccini Family

21 min


< 3.5 min excerpt

i don't care [2018]

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I didn't Start the Fire [2016]

A birthday reflection on the three decades of my life while Billy Joel sings about the three decades before that.


5 min



Children Without Parents [2013]

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Geranium [2011]

10 min






Mayday [2011]

A travelogue through Upstate New York, guided by the Puccini family.


18 min 




 Uncle Bob [2010]

How Peter and the kids spent the early 1980's


100 sec






Smoker's cough [2008]


3 min









RAE [2008]


17 min







Other videos and clips available on Vimeo


Performance/other work

Children Without Parents: The Funeral [2014]